Synology Surveillance Station unlimited license

This service allows you to obtain subscription licenses. You just need to connect to the license verification server, the address of which you will receive by e-mail.
This is the official way from Synology, no hacked packages


  1. Price
  2. Ease of use
  3. The Surveillance Station package can be updated as with official licenses
  4. No verification on Synology servers
  5. Licenses are endless
  6. You can order a huge number of licenses or deploy a license server even on your Synology

TimeNumber of licensesLicense typePrice
No time limitNo limit or 58 pcsLocal or General40$


  • 1 instance consumes 512 RAM and some CPU (depends on model)
  • 1 instance = 8 licenses
  • CPU load depends on your Synology model
  • Make sure your Synology supports Virtual Machine
  • Can be used without internet
  • Requirement: Surveillance Station 9 or higher
  • Please watch this video before purchasing an unlimited license. Your Synology must support Virtual Machine Manager. If in doubt, please contact me for advice Telegram: @sania_owner


  • 58 licenses
  • Platform only: x86_64x86_64_openvino, armada38x
  • Update Surveillance Station only manually

I hope it will be useful to you